• 10/10 Villages Completed
  • 3.8 MillionGallons of De-silting
  • 12 kms of Tree Plantation
  • $36,765 (INR 25 Lakh) Invested so far
  • 14,350 Individuals Impacted


  • Ground water table down to 650 ft
  • High salinity water not conducive for agriculture
  • Youth population migrating out of the districts to cities in search of employment abandoning traditional agriculture


Our Hero Story

Dr. Purshottam Wayal

A reformed alcoholic who is bringing the promise of water to Jalna, Maharashtra

Dr. Purshottam Wayal was a political science professor and a hard-core alcohol addict. He is from Jalna, Maharashtra, which is one of the most drought prone areas in the region. His life was completely transformed participated in a de-addiction and youth leadership training conducted by Art of Living Foundation (our execution partner) and decided to dedicate for the economic wellbeing of farmers in his area.

After undergoing an intensive training on watershed management and high yield cropping patterns he returned to train over 7000 youth and went on to partner with the Govt of Maharashtra to eliminate water poverty in over 100 villages for which he was awarded the Mahatma Jyotiba Phule award by the CM of Maharashtra. In many instances youth trained by him have been able to 20X their income thru agriculture. Additionally his trainees have gone on to take on leadership roles in the community (over 50 have been elected village sarpanch) and over 125 have become self reliant entrepreneurs. Dr. Wayal has also setup an Institute of Natural Farming that provides hands on training to farmers on water conservation, organic farming and small scale agro processing.

Dr. Wayal recently completed an OVBI funded 10 village pilot and is working out plans for 200 additional villages. He is one of the key leaders driving our campaign to Eliminate Water Poverty in 5000 Villages by 2023.


US Project Lead

Deepak Bhatter

India Project Lead

Dr. Purshottam Wayal